Monday, August 17, 2009

2009: Temporary Exhibit - Magnificient Mile [ City Beautiful Art Installations - Part I]

City Beautiful Art Installations .. is actually about sculptures on the Magnificient Mile ... Every spring, The Magnificent Mile celebrates the bloom of hundreds of thousands of vibrant tulips. Alongside there are art installations in the flower-beds ... These are temporary and removed in the winter season .. This year the theme for the art installations was the City Beautiful Movement, that focused upon creating harmony, symmetry and beauty within the urban environment ..
There were six installations on the west side of the Magnificient Mile ..
I'm splitting the coverage in two parts ..
Part - I .. includes ..
# Fragments in harmony - By Lucien Lagrange ..
# Green Revolution: FILL - By Urban Works ..
# Untitled - By Perkins + Will ..

Part - II includes .. click here ..
# Fabric of City Life: A Reflection on The Emerald Necklace - By OWP/P ..
# Kaleidoscope - By VOA Associates ...
# The 1909 Plan of Chicago: Centennial Celebration - By Clarence David & Company

Fragments in harmony ..
By - Lucien Lagrange ..
Location: 401 N. Michigan Avenue ..
The marker reads ...
Daniel Burnham considered the development of Michigan Avenue into one of Chicago's great throughfares essential to the creation of a business center and a cohesive city plan. The emphasis on procession and movement of the individual are driving elements in his design. In the spirit of Burnham LLA's design for Tulips on the Magnificient Mile seeks to create a frame-like object that is dictated by the procession along the east sidewalk of Michigan Avenue. The sculpture perfectly frames Bennett's Bridge tower at the southwest corner of the Michigan Avenue bridge, when the viewer finds the intended sight line. The piece is a snapshot of modern day Chicago ..

Green Revolution: FILL ..
By - Urban Works .
Location: at 540 N. Michigan Avenue ..
The marker reads ..
Our sculpture is comprised of a series of free standing transparent containers that accept fill - defined as objects that are typically disposed. The sculpture will change over time -more time on North Michigan Avenue means more fill. It is out intent that this sculpture will record the [quiet] accumulation of small items that could be considered waste - that in a single moment does not seem significant but over time begins to occupy considerable space. We hope a walk past our piece will provoke a sense of wonder and contemplation, while uncovering beauty in these everyday items. Our ultimate goal is to create awareness in all of us and, as a result, help us thik twice before disposing of objects that could instead be reused and creatively given another life as new materials...

Untitled ..
By - Perkins + Will ..
Location: 700 N. Michigan Avenue ..
The marker reads ...
Our intention is to have the guests of The Magnificent Mile engage and interact with the architectural sculpture through touch and sound. The sculpture makes the wind visible by swaying and chiming in the breeze, and the pedestrians can touch the sculpture to activate it. Daniel Burnham’s mapping of the park system in Chicago is displayed through the reflective graphics on the sculpture.

# City Beautiful Art Installations - I here .
# City Beautiful Art Installations - II .. click here.

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