Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Burnham Pavilions

# Top image: Burnham Pavilion - By UNStudio [Ben van Berkel].. click here ..
# Bottom image: Burnham Pavilion - By Zaha Hadid .. click here ..

The Burnham Pavilions ..
Inspiring bold plans and big dreams.

The Burnham Pavilions commemorate the 100th anniversary of Daniel Burnham's Plan of Chicago. In one inspirational document - with magnificent illustrations, progressive thinking and eloquent prose - Burnham and co-author Edward Bennett forever changed the face of Chicago and its surrounding communities. The Plan of Chicago and the subsequent campaign to garner support for the Plan led to creation of the city's 26-mile long chain of lakefront parks, the double tiers of Wacker Drive, development of North Michigan Avenue, and the creation of regional forest preserves. Internationally the Plan is viewed today as one of the most significant and influential urban plans ever produced.

The Burnham Pavilions were commissioned with the hope that their beauty and vibrancy will inspire each visitor to have the courage to cultivate big dreams and bold plans for yourself, your community and the world we all share. They provide a focal point for a year-long program of Centennial events taking place throughout the region.

Because Burnham and Bennett turned to European cities to provide fresh insight for the Plan of Chicago, the pavilions are designed by two different European architects, who bring their talents and perspectives to Chicago for the first time. The temporary installation emulates Daniel Burnham's 1893 achievement in helping create the "White City" at the World's Columbian Exposition. Just as the impressive buildings from the World's Fair vanished by winter, so too, will these pavilions disappear after October 31.

Planning in the Chicago region didn't stop after Burnham. Many decades of subsequent plans have moulded the metropolis we know today. In the 21st century the region is continuing its legacy of visionary planning, with commitment and participation of those who live here. We can help create our shared future, making a difference for ourselves, our grandchildren, and for millions of others.

The Chicago Community Trust, our regions community foundation, provided leadership funding for the Burnham Plan Centennial. The Trust is joined as a founding sponsor by Elizabeth Morse and Elizabeth Morse Genius Charitable Fund...

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