Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Good Stew

Last week I was at the O'Hare Airport, and this funky interpretation of Picasso's Untitled sculpture caught my attention!!! I love it!! Then I noticed more public art inspired murals ... I had to photograph them, so here are the images ..

The Good Stew ..
Created by artists of Gallery 37 ..
Lead artists: Gladys Nilsson, Tod parola, Spencer Dormitze ..
Description: Two part murals .. painted in acrylic, with a combined length of 144 feet ..
Location: O'Hare International Airport ..
Parking tunnel of [walkway connecting terminals with the parking garage and train station] ..

These murals are part of Arts in Action at O'Hare International Airport ... The Chicago Airport System partners Chicago's arts community by featuring more than 30 exhibits of fine arts, sculptures, live music performances and the original artworks of some of Chicago artists.

The Good Stew .. features Chicagoans throughout the city are seen alongside familiar public artworks nested among a vibrant and lively cityscape ..
How many of the public artworks featuring here, do you recognize ??? ..

The Good Stew - II
There were two panels of paintings, and although these were not classified as I and II .. for the sake of convenience I've seperated the images on different panels ..

How many public artworks do you recognize from these paintings ??? ..
If you are from Chicago, you would instantly recognize all!
However if you are a visitor .. I'm posting images of the artworks that inspired these paintings ... "The Good Stew" .. continued .. click here ..


Diers Eve said...

Thanks for sharing a piece of Chicago with a Southamerican girl.
Warm regards!

Jyoti said...

Thanks Kitty for visiting and writing a few words.