Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Chicago Sculpture Exhibit [CSE] [Erstwhile Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit [LSE]]

Above collage includes [from left] ..
Bridge, Balm Oh, Catch Up and Renaissance Man..
by Jennifer Dickson[2009], John Adduci [2009], Shen Cheng Xu [2006] and Boban Ilic [2003]..

The information is sourced from the official website Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit .. click here ..

The Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit is a privately funded, not-for-profit corporation. Sponsors from the community contribute financially, serve on the jury and attend related events. Their commitment to providing our neighborhood with this unique form of beautification makes this event possible every year and we could not do this without their support.

The "Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit" started in 2002 ...
Each year, there are 20 large-scale sculptures on display throughout the 43rd and 44th Wards, extending from Burton on the south to Irving Park on the north and from the lakefront to Southport. The display is from spring of one year to spring of the next year ... The theme changes each year ... Every piece is available for sale at the conclusion of the show.

This year, 2009, the theme was our relationship with the environment .. The artists take us into a world of abstraction and treat us to unexpected colors. These pieces demonstrate the wide variety of styles that are possible by creating three dimensional art ..

I have put images of some of these sculptures in my blog..

CSE: 2012
CSE: 2012 Kickoff Party at Sedgwick Studio
CSE: 2012 [Prairie Pump - by Jason Verbeek]
CSE: 2012 [Here - by Ruth Migdal]

LSE: 2011:
# LSE: 2011 [Burst - by Dusty Folwarczny]
# LSE: 2011 [Prairie Town Dweller - by Nicole Beck]
# LSE: 2011 [Icarus - by S. Thomas Scarff]..
# LSE: 2011 [Once Around The Block - by Andrew Arvantes]...
# LSE: 2011 [Getting Older.. - by Wilfredo Velez Jr.]..
# LSE: 2011 [Boundless - by Boyan Marinov]..
# LSE: 2011 [Balancing Act - by John Adduci]..
# LSE: 2011 [Various Artists]

LSE: 2010..
# LSE: 2010 [My Pi - by John Adduci]..
# LSE: 2010 [Goddess of Wind and Sand - by S. Thomas Scarff]
# LSE: 2010 [Living Sculpture - by Jason Verbeek]..
# LSE: 2010 [Leap of Faith - by Terrence Karpowicz]..
# LSE: 2010 [Being There/ There Being - by Jennifer Dickson]..
# LSE: 2010 [State Street Lovely - by Michael Grucza]
# LSE: 2010 [“...Got Those Ole Penetrat’n Chicago Blues” - by Charles Yost].
# LSE: 2010 [Lawn Navigation - by Berthold Boone]..

LSE: 2009..
# LSE: 2009 [Bridge - by Jennifer Dickson]..
# LSE: 2009 [Foxgloves and Fists - by Nicole Beck]..
# LSE: 2009 [Boing - by Michael Grucza]..

LSE: 2008..
# LSE: 2008 [Balm Oh - by John Adduci]..
# LSE: 2008 [Abduction - by Ron Gard]..

LSE: 2006
# LSE: 2006 [Catch Up - by Shen Cheng Xu]..

LSE: 2003..
# LSE: 2003 [Renaissance Man - by Boban Ilic]..

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