Monday, August 3, 2009

Lincoln Park [General Philip H. Sheridan - by Gutzon Borglum]

General Philip H. Sheridan..
by Gutzon Borglum [1871-1941]
Installed: 1923
Location: Lincoln Park, near Sheridan Road at belmost Ave. and N. Lakeshore Drive.
Sheridian [1831-88] is portrayed here as a commander of Army of the Shenandoah on Oct 19, 1864.

From the book, "A Guide to Chicago's Public Sculpture", by Ira J. Bach and Mary Lackritz Gray..
Sheridan was resting at Winchester, Virginia, when he heard shots of surprise attacks on his troops at Cedar Creek, some 20 miles away. he rode furiously to the battle scene and led a route of enemy... Sheridan acknowledged his horse's important role by naming it Winchester..

Words inscribed..
Philip H. Sheridan
Graduated from the United States Military Academy
West Point, July 1, 1853.
To honor him and his Alma Mater, this tablet was placed here by the Chicago Association of West Pointers, on Sep 19, 1934, the 70th Anniversary of his victory in the battle of Opequan, Virginia..

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