Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Public Art in the Lincoln Park neighborhood

Lincoln Park was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1994 .. Here are some pices of interest in the Lincoln Park area ..

Let me begin with a post on Lincoln Park in my other blog Hidden Truths .. click here .. which showcases the history of this area as city cemetery .. In 1864, the city council decided to turn the 120-acre cemetery into a park. Couch Mausoleum stands as a visible example of the history as a cemetery ..

# The Elks National Memorial Headquarters here..
It has everything .. architecturally beautiful, the indoors has beautiful sculptures, grand murals, intricately carved rotuna, hand-painted glass windows, gorgeous carpets and decorative chandelier.. A must see!!!

# Fountain "Storks at Play"/Eli Bates Fountain [Sculptor: Augustus Saint-Gaudens] .. in the Formal Garden .. click here..

Then there is ...
# The Children's Fountain [next to the Chicago History Museum].. click here..

Gardens ...

# Formal Garden ... click here ...

One of Chicago's oldest existing gardens, Lincoln Park's Formal Garden was designed and planted in the late 1870s. The formal design of this "French style" garden was considered especially appropriate as the setting of a horticultural facility, now a Victorian style Conservatory..

# Grandmother's Garden... click here

Grandmother's Garden was consciously juxtaposed to the Formal "French style" garden surrounding the Lincoln Park Conservatory directly across the street. They exemplify the two contrasting styles .. while Grandmother's Garden was a "profusion of flowers of all kinds combined according to color and foliage ... "the Formal Garden was an arrangement of set forms and conventional designs." Additionally, this is a perennial garden, while the Formal Garden is composed of annuals.

# Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool ... click here ..

Designated a Chicago Landmark .. this beautiful "hidden garden" is next to the Lincoln Park Zoo and Conservatory ..It was first landscaped in 1889 and designated as a place in which to cultivate tropical water lilies .. In the 1930's, it was re-designed by landscape architect Alfred Caldwell. It's made in the tradition of the Prairie School, influenced by such greats as Frank Lloyd Wright and Caldwell’s teacher, Jens Jensen.

Oz Park.. click here..

A place for children to enjoy the theme park with the "Wizard of Oz" theme ...It has Dorothy's Playlot and Emerald Garden .. and some sculptures like the TinMan, Cowardly Lion, the Scarecrow and Dorothy & Toto ...
The park was officially named Oz Park in honor of Lyman Frank Baum [1856-1919], the author of The Wizard of Oz, who settled in Chicago ...

Abraham Lincoln Monument [Sculptor: Augustus Saint-Gaudens... click here ..
Designated a Chicago landmark ...
The plaque reads:
"One of the oldest and most important public sculptures in Chicago, this monument to America’s sixteenth president influenced a generation of sculptors due to its innovative combination of a natural-looking Lincoln — depicted deep in thought as he is about to begin a speech — with a Classical-style architectural setting. It is the work of two nationally-important American designers and is widely considered to be the most significant nineteenth-century sculpture of Lincoln" ..

Some other figurative sculptures in the Lincoln Park area are:
# Johann Wolfgang von Gothe Monument [Sculptor: Herman Hahn] ... click here ...
# Alexander Hamilton Memorial [Sculptor: Eliel Saarinen] .. click here ..
# John Peter Altgeld Momument [Sculptor: Gutzon Borglum] .. click here ..
# Ulysses S. Grant Memorial [Sculptor: Louis Rebisso ]... click here ..
# Shakespeare Monument in Grandmother's Garden [Sculptor: William Ordway Partridge] ... click here ...
# Schiller Monument in Formal Garden [Sculptor: Ernst Rau].. click here ..
# Benjamin Franklin Monument [Sculptor: Richard Henry Park] .. click here ..
# Hans Cristian Anderson Monument [Sculptor: John Gelert].. click here ..
# La Salle Monument [Sculptor: Count Jacques de La Laing ] here ..

Lincoln Park Zoo ...
# Sculptures in Lincoln Park Zoo .. click here ..
# Chicago Landmarks in Lincoln Park Zoo .. click here ..
# Rites of Spring [Sculptor: Milton Horn] ... click here ...
# Eugene Field Memorial [Sculptor: Edward Francis McCartan] .. click here ..
# Siblings [Sculptor: Rosetta] .. click here ..

And some more ...

# Delicato Balencia [Sculptor: William Carlson]... click here ..

Lakefront Sculpture Exhibits:
# Bridge / 2009 [By Jennifer Dickson] .. click here .
# Boing / 2009 [By Michael Gruza] .. click here ..
# Balm Oh / 2008 [By John Adduci] ... click here ..
# Abduction / 2008 [By Ron Gard]... click here ..
# Open / 2006 [ By Pat McDonald].. click here ..
# Renaissance Man / 2003 [By Boban Ilic] here ..


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