Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Chicago's Chinatown: Chinatown Square

Chinatown Square ...
Location: North of the main Wentworth Ave District [the main Chinatown Street]
The Chinatown Square a 2-stories outdoor mall on 45 acres of reclaim land from a former railroad yard .. The mall opened in 1993 .. It was designed by Harry Weese and Associates .. There is a small courtyard in the center of the mall, which creates the ambiance of a traditional village center.

Twelve bronze zodiac statues grace the three sides of Chinatown Square plaza .. These statues represent the 12 Chinese Zodiac animals. These work of art were brough from China. Each of bronze sculpture was sponsored by private donors ..

Open steel pagoda ..
These salmon- and teal-colored pagodas are actually made in American .. as against the zodiac animals that have been bought from China.

A large tile mosaic mural faces Archer Avenue on the North side of the Square. This mural was commissioned by CADC. The mural represents the history and accomplishments of Chinese in America.

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