Tuesday, May 18, 2010

AIC: The Old Guitarist [By Pablo Picasso]

I have written earlier, that Picasso is one of my favourite painters, and the "The Old Guitarist", is one of his most famous paintings, made during his Blue Period. However, I was not aware of, that this is an over-painting..

One day I was talking to good friend Gregory H. Jenkins.. about how I liked Picasso.. And he told me about this over painting.. and I could not believe, as I had seen this so many times and never noticed anything... But yesterday, I could see it so clearly!!! I was so happy, I called him [Yes, I can get easily amused by small little things!!]
But something very good was yet to happen..
I could meet him at AIC, something I had long wanted!
It was great meeting you Gregory!
Check out his must-see website.. click here ..

We see only what we know..
Once I knew, it was very easy to see the ghost-like appearance of a mysterious woman painted underneath. Her face is above the old man’s neck. It is likely that Picasso was strapped for cash to buy art materials, and reused materials.

Wonder why the marker makes no mention of the over-painting..
The marker reads..
Pablo Picasso made "The Old Guitarist" while working in Barcelona. In the painting of his Blue Period [1901-04] the artist restricted himself to cold, monochromatic blue palettes, flattened form and emotional, psychological themes of human misery and alienation related to the work of such artists as Edvard Munch and Paul Gauguin. The elongated angular figure of the blind musician also relates to Picasso's interest in Spanish art and, in particular, the great 16th century artist El Greco. More personally, the image reflects the struggling 22-year old artist's sympathy for the plight of the downtrodden - Picasso knew what it was like to be poor, having been nearly penniless during all of 1902..

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Rut Salazar said...

I never seen this before! thanks a lot xD

Chgicago Photoblogger said...

Thanks for highlighting this, and bringing to a larger audience. Your photos are always good.
Have you recently become a spokesperson for AIC?

chicagoandpointsnorth@gmail.com said...

Your work is carefully organized. Always thoughtful. An important resource.

What a pleasure it was to meet you -- and no better place than the Sculpture Court at the AIC.