Saturday, May 15, 2010

AIC: On The War Trail [By Alexander Proctor]

On the War Trail..
BY Alexander Phiminster Proctor
Modeled: 1921, Cast: after 1921
Loaction: AIC: American Art: Gallery 163-164 / The American West..

On The War Trail..
The marker reads..
Canadian born Alexander Phimister Proctor began his career as a sculptor of animals and along with Edward Kemeys achieved recognition for the works he created for Chicago 1893 World's Columbian Exposition. During five years of study in France afterwards, however, Proctor shifted his interest to large scale figural sculptures, particularly of the American West.
"On the War Trail" is a reduced version of monumental bronze commissioned for the Civic Center in Denver Colarado. Dignified and erect, with the Native America's spear thrust defiantly outward, horse and rider provide a striking anecdote to the dejected, broken subject of James Earle Fraser's work, "The End of Trail"..

On The War Trail  - By Alexander Proctor

End of Trail - by James Earl Fraser


Images above:
- On the War Trail - By Alexander Proctor..
- End of Trail - By James Earle Fraser..

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