Monday, May 24, 2010

Garfield Park Conservatory [Zellij Mosaic Fountain ]


Garfield Park Conservatory

Zellij Mosaic Fountain 

Installed: 2003

Gift to the Conservatory from Chicago's sister city - Casablanca, Morocco.

Location: Garfield Park Conservatory - Horticulture Hall

Zellij Fountain / Garfield Park Conservatory

What is Zellij?  
Zellij is a style of mosaic tilework made from individually hand-chiseled hand pieces. The pieces are typically of different colors and are fitted together to form various patterns. It is a form of Islamic Art.  It became popular in the 14th century, when Zellij became a standard decorative element along lower walls, fountains, pools and paving of floors.  After the 15th century, the traditional mosaic Zellij fell out of fashion in most countries except Morocco, where it continues to be produced today.


Zellij Fountain at the Garfield Park Conservatory
Moroccan artisans Said Ben Abida, Hassan Jemghili and Jawad Rizki created this fountain for the Garfield Park Conservatory in 2003. The piece was a gift from Chicago Casablanca Sister City.

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