Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some painters at Millennium Park

Painter Bill Graham at work
 Images Taken on May 29, 2007.. at Millennium Park

Bill Graham at work

The above two images were taken, in Feb 2008, when another artists, Gordon Halloran was working on Museum of Modern ice / Painting below Zero..
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Gordon Holloran  [Taken on Feb. 24, 2008]

THANK YOU Frank deLoach for helping in identifying the artist Bill Graham!!!

Here is Frank deLoach at work!
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Anonymous said...

the painter in the photo at the bean is my friend, bill graham. bill is a retired lawyer and a great artist. bill usually works in the evening and produces small, but elegant pictures. i highly recommend his work. f.deloach

Jyoti said...

Frank - Thank You so much for identifying the arist. I appreciate it Very much!