Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Loop: Thompson Center [Illinois River Landscape - by Richard Hunt]

Illinois River Landscape..
By Richard Hunt..
Commissioned by the Illinois Percentage For Arts Program,
Capital Development Board,
James R. Thompson Center..
For other programs funded by Illinois, Capital Development Board , click here..

And while at Thompson Center, also check out some other sculptures..

Bridgeport - by John Henry..  click here..  

Monument with Standing Beast - By Jean Dubuffet.. click here..

And nearby.. Freeform - By Richard Hunt.. click here..


Monument With Standing Beast - by Jean Dubuffet click here..
Illinois River Landscape - by Richard Hunt  click here..
Bridgeport - by John Henry..  click here..
James R Thompson Center.. click here..
Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago: Richard Howard Hunt.. click here..

1 comment:

Frank de Jol said...

Interesting set of sculptures.
And excellent shots.