Sunday, October 28, 2007

Loop [Freeform - by Richard Hunt]

Freeform - By Richard Hunt
1993/ Stainless steel, H 26 ft. x W 35 ft. x D 2 ft.
LOCATION: Exterior facade of 160 N. LaSalle St
State of Illinois Building..

The sculpture that adorns the exterior of the State of Illinois Building appears deceptively small in relation to the scale of the building. However, Freeform is actually two-and-a-half stories high and weighs three tons. The sculpture derives its title from one of Richard Hunt’s central ideas about the nature of abstract art—which is that it is freely formed. Whether made of bronze or steel, Hunt’s biomorphic forms often look as though they have been composed in an environment of low gravity. Animated by a series of curvilinear forms evocative of an active flame, Freeform, like other Hunt sculptures, seems capable of performing an infinite number of gestures, hinting at endless possibilities for its ultimate form.

Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago: Richard Hunt .. click here..


Anonymous said...

it looks really cool =)

Unknown said...

Awesome, like the man himself !!!!