Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LSE: 2010 [Being There/ There Being - by Jennifer Dickson]

Being There/There Being..
By Jennifer Dickson..
Description: 7’ x 8’ x 4.5’ / Fiberglass with Iron Armature
Location: Lincoln Avenue and School
Sponsor: Lakeview Chamber of Commerce/SSA #27..

From the Official Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit website..
Dickson enjoys studying social geography and looking at how we experience space throughout our everyday social practices. “Being There/There Being” is an investigation of liminal space or, as Dickson describes it, the transitional space found in doorways, gateways, and the transitional periods of our lives; the areas between absolutes.

“Being There/There Being” creates a negative (liminal) human form between the two pillars when viewed at a distance. Opposite the liminal form is a positive human shape engaging the negative shape. Despite their separation the sculpture is not two forms but the same mind engaged in transition.

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