Wednesday, June 16, 2010

LSE: 2010 [Lawn navigation - by Berthold Boone]

Lawn Navigation
By Berthold Boone..
Description: 6’ x 15’ x 15’ / Wood
Location: Dickens and Lincoln Park West - LP Cultural Center..
Sponsor: Mid-North Association
Part of Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit, 2010..

From the ofiicial website of Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit..

Boone feels that drawing, painting and sculpting are his optimal forms of expression. He particularly enjoys the physical, hands-on challenges in sculpting.

“Lawn Navigation” follows Boone’s practice of employing fallen, injured or diseased trees as the raw material for his sculptures. Previous sculptures have originated with single logs as heavy as 23,000 pounds to twigs as light as one ounce. “Lawn Navigation” utilizes lumber from damaged local parks and returns the trees to a city park in the form of a triumphant canoe rising upward over a grassy wave. The canoe is shaped from one large log and has a smaller out-rigger connected to the main craft by two branches..

# Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit .. click here ...
# Official website of Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit, click here ..

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