Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Art Prize, 2010 [Emergence #11 - by Eric Stephenson]

Emergence # 11..
By Eric Stephenson..
Medium: Welded Steel..
Location: Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park..
Art Prize, 2010.. Grand Rapids, Michigan..

Emergence #11..
My objects explore the connections formed when spaces as diverse as a spun cocoon and a constructed vessel are juxtaposed. By using the body as a means of surveying space, and by contrasting the organic and the man-made, the work investigates the point of transition that occurs when these diverse conditions collide. Additionally, the artifacts represent a timeline - or singularly, a time piece - which reveals a strong connection to process. This is demonstrated by the material chosen to visualize the work - welded steel - which are heavily dependent on process, and by the finish, which emphasizes the effects of aging and of time...

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Carl said...

Wow! Welded like paper creases. Thin and sophisticated design. What made it sophisticated is the stainless steel banding strap that holds the spun cocoon and constructed vessel. A very ingenious decision to do for doing it means broader time for preparation. Welding the galvanized steel banding platform to the base made it so cunning and brilliantly artistic.