Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Art prize, 2010 [Give - by Dusty Folwarczny]

By Dusty Folwarczny..
Location: Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park..
Art Prize, 2010.. Grand Rapids, Michigan..

Its name is Give. The bright ring is large and commanding, but it can be interacted with by the viewer, so it is approachable and friendly. It invites you in and around it. While you are inside of it, if you whisper in the right spot it is carried to the other side of the arc and echos.

It is stunning when it is sitting still, but when someone gives the side a push the steel wall has enough give in it to bounce or rock in place a bit. You feel so strong for being able to move something so massive. It's a self esteem booster!

This piece explores the act of giving which can be described as a transfer of energy from one person to another. This sculpture also uses the transfer of energy from someone to start it moving and then it gives the viewer a show. If I'm successful it also gives someone a smile (which is just part of a circle isn't it?). The form itself can be seen as a motherly form and what more pure act of giving is there that the gift of life? ..

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