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Water Fountains of Chicago - I

By far my favourite leisure-spot in Chicago.. is the McKinlock Court, and it's centerpiece is a grand fountain, named..
Fountain of the Tritons..
Sculptor: Carl Milles..
Sponsored by the B. F. Ferguson Monument Fund, to commemorate John Ericsson and other Swedish Americans. McKinlock Court was landscaped in 1924. By 1931 the court was remodeled so the Fountain of the Tritons could be installed. This court is open for dining during the summer months..
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Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain..
Completed: 1927 ..
Architect: Edward Bennett designed the fountain in conjunction with French sculptor Marcel Loyau and engineer, Jacques H. Lambert ..
Location: Columbus Dr. & Congress Pkwy.
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Crown Fountain..
BY Jaume Plensa.
Location: Millennium Park..
The fountain consists of two 50-foot glass block towers at each end of a shallow reflecting pool. The towers project video images from a broad social spectrum of Chicago citizens. The fountain is a modern interpretation of the traditional gargoyles in fountains, where faces of mythological beings were sculpted with open mouths to allow water, a symbol of life, to flow out ...
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Rosenberg Fountain ..
Sculptor: Franz Machtl [German sculptor]
Installed: 1893; Restored in 2004 ..
Location: Grant Park .. intersection of Michigan Ave & E. 11th St. (1000 S) .. Chicago, IL 60605 ..
It reads, “Presented by Joseph Rosenberg San Francisco, Cal.”
The 11-foot tall bronze figure holding a goblet and pitcher represents Hebe, daughter of Zeus and Hera. As the Goddess of Youth and the Cupbearer to the Gods, Hebe symbolizes rejuvenation.
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The Children's Fountain..
Dedicated: 1982 ..
Description: 30 feet in diameter and stands about 30 feet high.
A project of former Chicago mayor Jane Byrne ..
Location: Near Chicago History Museum ...
At the northeast corner of Clark St. & North Ave... Chicago, IL 60639 ..
A plaque reads.. Dedicated to all children in Chicago who will take from our past to better our future..
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Eli Bates Fountain..
Also known as "Storks at Play" ...
Installed: 1887 ..
BY: Augustus Saint-Gaudens ...
Location: The Great Garden [Lincoln Park] ..
The fountain is the centerpiece of one of Chicago's oldest existing gardens, The Formal Garden [Lincoln Park], dating back to 1880's. In the background is the Victorian style Lincoln Park Conservatory [built in 1890 designed by famous architect, Joespeh L. Silsbee]..
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Four Figure Fountains:
Dove Girl, Turtle Boy, Crane Girl, Fisher Boy..

Sculptor: Leonard Crunelle
Location: Grant Park Rose Gardens...
On the north and south of the Clarence Buckingham Memorial Fountain are the rose gardens .. These rose gardens have four circular fountains with bronze figures installed in the center of each ..
The South Rose Garden has Dove Girl and Turtle Boy ..
The North Rose Garden has Crane Girl and Fisher Boy..
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Fountain of the Great Lakes..
Sculptor: Lorado Taft ..
Bronze work created between 1907-1913.
Location: South Garden at the Art Institute of Chicago...
First monument commissioned by the B.F.Ferguson Monument Fund, as a memorial to B.F.Ferguson..
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Drexel Fountain..
By Henry Manger..
Restored: 1970..
Believed to be one of the earliest monuments in the city..
The four sided bronze base is decorated with Neptune and harvest Goddess figure.. Upon this elaborate pedestal is the life-size sculpture of Francis M. Drexel.. A Philadelphia broker and banker who, although may have never set his foot in Chicago, donated a wide driveway through land he owned here with the understanding that it was to be used as a boulevard bearing his name. His sons Francis A. and Anthony Drexel erected a statue in their father's memory..
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Drake Fountain..
By Richard Henry Park [1832-1902]
It was a gift to Chicago from hotel owner, John B. Drake..
No more a fountain..
Location: East 92nd Street at South Chicago and Exchange Avenues..
Designated a Chicago Landmark: March 10, 2004.
Believed to be Chicago's first statue commemorating Columbus. The monument was originally dedicated in December 1892 to mark the 400th anniversary of his voyage..
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