Sunday, December 19, 2010

At the Vector Custom Fabricating

Passing the Baton..
Yesterday, I was at the Vector Custom Fabricating foundry ... Took many photos, but my favourite is the above image of Steve Mueller and Adrian Calderon.. I just love it!!!
It's like two individuals sharing a common bond, one at the top of his game, other at the beginning.. The smile on their faces is so genuine, so heart felt. They are looking at a book with photographs of sculptures. I have rarely named images, but I name this "Passing the Baton". To me it's symbolic of how tradition passes in a very informal, congenial, working-n-sharing together enviornment..

Adrian Calderon and Steve Mueller..

Many Many more photos of Vector Fabricating Inc. to come..

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Anonymous said...

True artists

Jyoti said...

Anon - I so agree!!!
But I am very curious as to who wrote this comment...