Sunday, December 19, 2010

A Day Trip to the Vector Custom Fabricating..

John Himmelfarb, Steve Mueller and Adrian Calderon
A day-trip to the Vector Custom Fabricating Inc. Foundry..
I begin with a Thank You note to Steve Muellen for inviting me to Vector Custom Fabricating foundry.. I loved the place! For those who are not aware of Vector Fabricating Inc., it was established in 1978, and supplies Architectural and Ornamental Metals for exterior and interior high profile areas. It specializes in architectural elements, monumental stairs, railings and sculpture..
Meeting with sculptors Christine Rojek and Adrian Calderon, [both of who work at Vector], I had expressed my wish to see the foundry, where the actual metal fabrication, metal cutting, welding, machining takes place. And this Saturday, I could take a day-trip to the place.. Thanks to Steve Mueller for the invitation!

Below are some images from my day-trip to Vector Fabricating..

Steve Mueller..

John Himmelfarb..

Adrian Calderon..

John Himmelfarb, Steve Mueller and Adrian Calderon..

I saw John Himmelfard working on a small-scale sculptural piece.   John is an independent sculptor and a friend of Steve Mueller..

John Himmelfarb

One of my attractions of being to Vector was to see this refurbished "Spiral" sculptural piece by Clement Meadmore. It is made of Cor-Ten steel, and was getting damaged by water-collection at it's base. It was brought to Vector for refurbishing, and would soon be sent back to the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park, where it is a part of the sculpture garden's permanent collection...

Spiral by Clement Meadmore..

Machines, Tools and Implements..
Adrian took me around the foundry and showed the different tools and implements.. I bet, he was contemplating how much of anything would I understand. And I can say with great confidence, that he loves the machines and tools!!!

One of the custom made staircases...
By Neil Goodman

By Nathan Overly

 By Steve Mueller

I saw many sculptural pieces, here there are images of pieces by Neil Goodman, Nathan Overly and Steve Muller.. The small-scale sculptural installations I had documented at the Cliff Dwellers are now at the Vector, and would soon be sent to Mark A. Chapman Gallery in Kansas..

There are many more sculptures I saw there, but the post would become too long, so I end with an image of the foundry.. Many more photos can be seen in my FB Photo Album, check out the related links below..

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