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The making of "Bulldog and Hydrant", by Marshall Svendsen.. [Part-I]

Originally posted: Dec 30, 2010..
Reposted: Jan 17, 2011.. with slight changes in the original post..
The making of "Bulldog and Hydrant" [Part-I]..
by Marshall Svendsen..
He is the Director of True Form Production..
Marshall received his formal education from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago [SAIC].. I have expressed my fondness for figure sculptures and I was happy to know that Marshall has studied human anatomy through paintings, drawings and sculpture.

Marshall is the Director of True Form Production..
The Mission Statement, from it's website click here..
True Form Production is a highly skilled fine art production house and foundry service capable of working in any scale, from highly detailed gallery works to monumental public works.. It also includes creations by it's Director, Marshall Svendsen.. This work, "Bulldog and Hydrant", is one of Marshall's commissioned works [in progress, soon to be completed]..

It's amazing how much work is involved in producing one sculptural piece.. When I visited Marshall's Studio on Dec 30, 2010, the sculpture was in the wax-stage, to be ultimately cast in bronze..

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