Monday, January 17, 2011

The making of "Bulldog and Hydrant", by Marshall Svendsen [Part - II]..

The making of "Bulldog and Hydrant" [Part-II]..
by Marshall Svendsen..
Last time I visited the Marshall Svendsen [Dec 30, 2010].. the sculpture was in the wax-stage, which I covered in Part-I of the series, click here...
Yesterday [Jan 16, 2011].. when I visited Marshall, the sculpture was already cast in bronze. After bronze casting, the remaining works include,
- putting the different pieces together - welding..
- making the traces of welding/ joined parts disappear..
- patina and texturing..

Attaching the legs..

I have been told many times, "Dont look directly into the flames..".. So the welding images have been taken with my eyes closed.. There are many more welding images in my FB Album on Marshall Svendsen..

After the welding stage, the joints, marking the different attached parts are very obvious. Next stage, these marks have to be blended, and the sculpture needs to be patinaed and textured..

Blending.. [what is this tool called?]

Texturing [what is this tool called?]

Brushing [??] part of blending and texturing..

As Preston Jackson said.. Making Art can be a very lonely process..
And then you share it with the world..

Had I not been there, Marshall Svendsen was working alone.. Indeed making art can be a very lonely process..

While I was there, the plaque arrived..
It reads..
Bulldog and Hydrant
Cast bronze, 2010
Svendsen, Marshall
American Sculptor, b 1980
Dedicated to
Ruth Helen Wolf
her long-time counselor and friend
Harry C. Benford, III..

The making of "Bulldog and Hydrant" series will continue..

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pearl said...

awesome pictures of a very cool process! well done, Marshall!

Jyoti said...

Thanks Pearl for your comment..

Yoni said...

Impressive work, thanks for documenting the process.

Anonymous said...

The next time I am in Chicago we have to go and see this!!

Dee said...

If someone wanted a set for themselves, what would it cost? A pretty penny I am sure.