Sunday, August 29, 2010

Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park [Sculptures by Neil Goodman]..

Installation of Neil Goodman in the Park..
Wind, Four Corners, Ray, Ballast, Alcance..
[forground to background, left to right..]

Neil Goodman in the Park..
Solo Exhibition by Neil Gooman in the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park..
with five installations by Neil Goodman..
Wind, Four Corners, Ray, Ballast, Alcance..

Ballast 2004..

Four Corners, 2004..

Alcance, 2004..

Ray, 2004.. [Ray in the foreground, in the background is Ballast and Alcance]

Wind, 2004..

An excerpt from the Nathan Manilow Sculpture Park website..
Goodman’s work is often associated with the gritty industrial surroundings that he views on his daily trip to work—the iron and steel factories and refineries of northwest Indiana. It has been seen in galleries with strong architectural settings where its presence is signaled by a quiet assertiveness..


Matt Maldre said...

I like how wind frames the scene behind it. But it frames it in a three-dimensional way, because of how the frame bends. So while a regular 2-d frame would attempt to flatten the surroundings. This 3-d frame acknowledges the 3-d aspect of the environment and thus displays it that way.

Jyoti said...

whoa Sudart!!
A very interesting observation..