Monday, January 10, 2011

Fun Time with Preston Jackson..

One of the recent work of Preston Jackson has been this Sperm Whale sculpture, on the theme of "Save Our Planet". It's not complete, as yet. I really wanted to see it, in the process of being made. So yesterday, I drove to Peoria, to Preston's studio, to see the work in progress.. I saw Preston work on it... and after sometime, it was time for some fun... Preston Jackson calls this sculpture Moby Dick, the Whale; and tries to be a character from Herman Melville novel.. One with the harpoon..

Preston at work..

Love this scale model of a Sperm Whale. If you are wondering, Yes, It's in Preston Jackson's hands.. He made it, for this sculpture..

The draft..


Anonymous said...

You are Very Lucky indeed!

terry said...

I have never seen a better Captain Ahab in my life. So much violence in that sweet little face!

Jyoti said...

LOL Terry! Well said!
Preston was keen at knowing your reaction on these photos..