Monday, January 10, 2011

Peoria, Illinois River Gallery [Stainless Steel Metaphors - by Preston Jackson]

Preston and the vulture seem to be communicating.. I love it!!!

These photographs were taken on Jan 6, 2011.. at about 4.30 pm, as the setting sun was beaming golden rays. Preston told me these were the best photos of this sculpture he had seen. True or false, right or wrong. I love the compliment. Thank You Preston!

Stainless Steel Metaphors..
By Preston Jackson..
1992 / Stainless Steel..
Location: Along the Illinois River just north of the Murray Baker Bridge..
The plaque reads..
"We are individuals possessing our own set of responses to life. There are obvious differences between the lives of the fortunate and the unfortunate. Our state of existence breeds a predator-prey society, a syndrome that is very much part of our lives.Many people today exist in a false sense of security.
The steel images metaphorically give life to views of what we as a society have become. This is fact that can not be ignored. This planet connects every aspect of life that exists within. We share the same problems; no one is totally safe."
- Preston Jackson ..

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