Thursday, April 7, 2011

International Sculpture Program of Chicago Gateway Green Project..

Chicago Gateway Green is a non-profit organization dedicated to greening and beautifying Chicago's expressways, gateways and neighborhoods..
It undertakes many projects like:
- Expressway Partnership - Creating and maintaining sustainable landscapes along Chicago's major expressways..
- Tree Partnership - Transforming vacant land into tree-filled green spaces throughout Chicago's neighborhoods..
- International Sculpture Program - Enhancing Chicago's expressways and gateways through large-scale art from 25 sister cities. Permanent, large-scale public art establishes Chicago as an international city of culture.
Partners in the International Sculpture Program are..
- The Chicago Sister Cities International Program
- City of Chicago Public Art Program
- Illinois Department of Transportation [IDOT] and Chicago Departments of Transportation [CDOT]..
The International Sculpture Program has three large-scale installations..
And the fourth one is almost ready, to be installed this Spring..

Flame of the Millennium..
By Leonardo Nierman
Dedicated: December 2002..
Location: Between the Kennedy Expressway and the Ohio Interchange, near downtown Chicago..
"The piece represents a flame in the wind, as the source of light bringing wisdom and clarity in the new millennium."
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Sculptor: John Henry
Installed: 1975 ..
Description: Aluminum, H 42 ft. x W 15 ft. x D 15 ft.
Location: Cermak Rd. and Indiana Ave. Located adjacent to McCormick Place..
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Being Born..
Sculptor: Virginio Ferrari ..
Installed: 1983 ...
Location: Intersection of Ontario, Ohio, and Orleans Sts..
Located at the Ohio Street exit of the Kennedy Expressway..
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"The Runners"..
by Prof. Theodoros Papayiannis
at the O'Hare International Airport
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- Flame of the Millennium, by Leonardo Nierman..
- Arris, by John Henry..
- Being Born, by Virginio Ferrari..
- The Runners, by Theodoros Papayiannis..

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