Friday, April 29, 2011

Art Chicago, 2011 [Some galleries that compelled me to stop! And photograph!]

Zhenya Gershman at Timothy Yarger Gallery..
My favourite person at the show. Embodiment of the winning combination of beauty and talent! It was a pleasure meeting her.
For more on Timothy Yarger Gallery, click here..

Art Chicago, Preview: April 28, 2011..
Here are some of the galleries that made me pause, step-in, have a closer look, talk to artists and owners and photograph! Being constrained by time, I will let these images speak for themselves...

Miniature Serena by Carol A Feurman at International Sculpture Center..

Evan Lurie Gallery, Indiana..
One of the first galleries that caught my attention! These bronzes are beautiful!
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Art Box Gallery..
For more, click here..

Winsor Gallery, Vancouver, BC..
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Contessa Gallery, Cleveland, Ohio..
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Gallery Vivendi and Galerie Mark Hachem, Paris..
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Carl Hammer Gallery..

Catto Gallery, London..
They are here from London. Pay them a visit, as today is a big day for their country, with the Royal Wedding and she told me, they have some special arrangements for this auspicious occasion.

Hawk Gallery..
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Josh Garber at Zolla Lieberman Gallery..
My FB friend, who has no idea who I am!! What's new about that!??!! Hopefully his entry would change the scenario. Operative word, "hopefully!"..

Gallery DeNovo..

Lucy Slivinski's work at Douglas Dawson Gallery..

Encore Glass and Fine Art..

Lovely Eliana, serving salmon orderves..

The most special place for me, is Booth # 167 of Chicago Sculpture Inetrnational. I have many many images to post of the displays here. Just need some time to process.

Some galleries that compelled me to Stop..

# Art Chicago, 2011..
# CSI team at Art Chicago, 2011..
# Interior Installations, Art Chicago, 2011..


prasanna said...

waiting for other awesome images!

Jyoti said...

Thanks Prasanna! I too think the photos are awesome.

Zhenya said...

Thank you-I loved Chicago

Jyoti said...

Great meeting you Zhenya! I was at your Gallery again yesterday... more images when I find some time..