Friday, April 29, 2011

Art Chicago, 2011 [Interior Installations]

Mural - by by Shepard Fairey..

There are about 9 interior installations. These include, sculptures, murals and mixed-media. Indoor installation includes works by
  • Jane Manus [Spellbound],
  • Josh Garber [Invocation],
  • Juan Angel Chavez [Listening Chambers],
  • Shepard Fairey [Mural],
  • Erik DeBat [Word is Bond],
  • Rein de Lege [200 Faces],
  • Dietrich Wegner [Black Oracle],
  • Glenn Wexler [G3 Photographic Vinyl Media Installation, and,
  • Thomas Ramey [Rollin', Rollin' Rollin]..

by Shepard Fairey..
Robert Berman Gallery, Booth 226..

Listening Chamber [2008]
by Juan Angel Chavez..
Linda Warren Gallery, Booth 35..

Invocation [2009]
by Josh Garber..
Zolla Lieberman Gallery, Booth 12..

2000 Faces [1999]
by Rein de Lege..
Gallery de Novo, Booth 114..

Black Oracle [2011]
by Dietrich Wegner..
Carrie Secrist Gallery, Booth 339..

Spellbound [2005]
by Jane Manus..

Word is Bond [2011]
by Erik de Bat..
Department of Cultural Affairs, Booth 259..

G3 Photographic Vinyl Media Installation [2011]
by Glenn Wexler..

Rollin/, Rollin', Rollin'..
by Thomas Ramey

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