Monday, May 16, 2011

The Runners - by Prof. Theodoros Papagiannis..

May 16, 2011..
Spring of 2011 has been particularly rainy! I have been photographing The Runners for some time now, but this gray sculpture against an overcast gray sky, was not giving me, the type of images I was looking for. And then today happened! A gorgeous day, with clear blue sky. I could not let it pass by. I visited The Runners in the morning and in the evening, and here are some images from the day. I got vibrancy and color gradations with dramatic yellow, orange, blue and black! Finally!!!
Above images: Evening shots [about 7.30 pm]
Below images: Morning shots [about 7.00 am]

# The Runners - by Theodoros Papagiannis [Landscaping]..
# Coffee with Prof. Theodoros Papagiannis..
# The Runners: Fundraising at Rosewood Banquets..
# The Runners by Theodoros Papagiannis [Installation: A Pictorial Documentation]..
# The Runners - by Theodoros Papagiannis [Attention to details]..
# The Windy City will soon have a new symbol, "The Runners", by Theodoros Papagiannis..
# The Runners - by Theodoros Papagiannis [Finishing touches at Duroweld Co. Inc.]...
# International Sculpture Program of Chicago Gateway Green Project..


Anonymous said...

Cant believe the difference in the picture due to the time of day!!! Great great angles :))

Jyoti said...

Absolutely! I totally agree!