Monday, June 20, 2011

Chicago Riverwalk

Water Arc, of Nicholas J Melas Centennial Plaza and Fountain [North Bank of Chicago River]..

Past few posts have been on Chicago Riverwalk, and there's so much to explore, to learn, to enjoy and to photograph.. I decided to compile them together in a separate blog on Chicago Riverwalk, click here.. Yeah! Yet another blog!

Chicago Riverwalk. the site is still under construction. I'm trying to put together interesting facts like Wolf Point, Fish Hotel, Wave Motif, Bridge Lifts, buildings along the walkway to random shots along the river..

Wave Motif along the riverwalk..

Fish Hotel..

TARP and moving wastewater, click here.. and here.

River cottages by Harry Weese.. and other buildings along the Riverwalk..

St. Patrick's Day: Dyeing the Chicago River.

DuSable Founders Way..

Ira J. Back Walkway..

Chicago River bridges..

Bridge Lifts..

Boat Tours and Cruises..

Plants and meadows along the riverwalk..

The Y-Symbol..

A summer afternoon along the riverwalk..

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