Sunday, September 25, 2011

Art Prize: 2011, Grand Rapids, Michigan [The Hand of God - by Ian Loiterton]

Above Image: Ian Loiterton with his work, "Hand of God, Wresting with My Dream"..

The Hand of God [Wrestling My Demons]
By Ian Loiteron..
7' X 11' X 6'.
Medium: Fiberglass, stainless steel and acrylic paint
Location: Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum..
From Art Prize website..
Description of work: The figure of the sculpture was originally inspired by Gauguin’s painting, “Vision after the Sermon; Jacob wrestling with the Angel”. Against this background, it is interesting to note that the original (two dimensional) figure was created years ago during a period of depression.
The intention of the Artist was to try to depict a figure wrestling with itself. In this sense, the struggle is not with an external being but rather with one’s own self.

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