Saturday, September 24, 2011

Art Prize: 2011, Grand Rapids, Michigan (Serenity Lake - by Carole A. Feurman [sculptor] and Ron Burkhardt [painter])

Above image: Carole A Feuerman [sculptor] and Ron Burkhardt [painter], wih Serenity Lake, at DeVos Place, Grand Rapids, Michigan..

Happy Belated Birthday to Carole A. Feurman..
I took an impulsive one-day trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan; and got rewarded by meeting one of my favourite sculptors, Carole A. Feurman! And it was her Birthday [Sep 21, 2011]
Happy Belated Birthday Carole!

Serenity Lake
By Carole A. Feurman [sculptor] and Ron Burkhardt [painter]..
5' X 12' X 8'
Medium: Oil on Resin (Sculpture), Acrylic on Canvas (Painting
Location: DeVos Place
From the Art prize website..
The collaborative work, whose theme is water, took over a year to create, and reflects the timeless innocence of youth. The sun shining on the child's face, her arms around the colorful beach ball, and the sandy shore remind us of a time of peaceful playfulness, where nothing else matters but the moment. Those quiet, in-between moments where you connect with your thoughts and your soul. With "Serenity Lake", the viewer waits for the child to open her eyes while we wonder what she is thinking..

My cherished collection: This signed picture given to me by Carole, with note..
Sep 21, 2011..
Dear Jyoti,
Thank You so much for your support.
Best Wishes,
Carole Feurman..

[Note the date: Sep 21. It was her Birthday!]

Some other works of Carole Feurman that I've seen..
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Innertube [1997]
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