Friday, September 23, 2011

Grand Rapids, Michigan [Frederik Meijer Sculpture Park - Part I]

Earth, Wind, and Fire..
By Gary Price [Armerican, born 1955]
Bronze/ 1989.

Frederik Meijer Sculpture Park..
Perhaps the best collection of outdoor sculptures anywhere..
There are more than 50 sculptures, so I have divided them in three parts..

Bend of Mind
By Tony Cragg
Bronze, 2005.

Marching Band
Stuart Padnos [American, born 1922]
Scrap Metals, 1998.

By Dietrich Klinge..

The Tribute
By Oliviero Rainaldi [Italian, born 1956]
Bronze, 2006.

Mad Mom
By Tom Otterness [American, born 1952]
Bronze, 2001.

By Joseph Kinnebrew [American, born 1942]
Cast Iron, 1994-1997.

Light of the Moon
By Igor Mitoraj [Polish, born 1944]
Bronze, 1991.

Lying Man
By Sean Henry [British, born, 1965]
Bronze, 2003.

By Michelle Oka Doner [American, born 1945]
Bronzze, 2003.

By Barry Flanagan [Welsh, Born 1941]
Bronze, 1986; Cast 2003.

Cabin Creek
By Deborah Butterfield [American, born 1949]
Bronze, 1999.

Urban Excursion Rendezvous
By Chakaia Booker [American, born 1953]
Rubber, 2004.

Homage to Leonardo
By Nina Akamu [American, born 1955]
Bronze, 1998.

By Roxy Paine [American, Born 1966]
Stainless Steel, 2010.

By Jonathan Borofsky.

Galileo's Wedge
By Beverly Pepper [American, born 1922]
Steel, 2009.

By Kiki Smith [American, born 1954]
Bronze, 2002-2008.

B- Tree II
By Kenneth Snelson [American, born, 1927]
Stainless Steel, 2005.

Figure on A Trunk
By Magdalena Abakanowicz [Polish, born 1930]
Bronze, 1998.

One and Other
By Anthony Gormley [British, born 1950]
Iron, 2000.

Bronze Form
By Henry Moore [British, 1898-1986]
Bronze, cast 1985.

By Sophie Ryder

Fred and Lena Meijer
By A. Joseph Kinkel [American, born, 1950
Bronze, 2004.

Leaping Gazelle
By Marshall M. Fredericks
Bronze, 1936.

By Jacques Lipchitz [Lithuanian, 1891-1973]
Stone, 1971.

Frederik Meijer Sculpture Park..


al kuhn said...

Hi Jyoti, never realized there was so much invigorating art in Grand Rapids. The sculpture park is just incredible. Plan to spend this afternon roaming through it via your blog. Thanks, al kuhn

Jyoti said...

Hope your afternoon was well spent!
Thanks Al!