Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cliff Dwellers [Sculptours presents "A Celebration of Form", by Terrence Karpowicz]

Carol Hammerman and Christine Rojek of Sculptours, with Terrence Karpowicz.. My three big supporters from the sculpture community!!!!

From left.. Boyan Morinov, Elena Rakochy, Terrence Karpowicz, Ruth Aizuss Migdal, Christine Rojek, Bob Gordon, Carol Hammerman, Jennifer Webster, and Suzanne Cohan-Lange

October is Chicago Artist Month..
And Sculptors kicks off the event with a month long Exhibit "Celebration of Form" by a sculptor par excellence Terrence Karpowicz..
This is the sixth exhibit at Cliff Dwellers by Sulptours. Of these, this is the fourth exhibit I'm covering. Others are..
Coming back to "A Celebration of Form", there are window installations and wall installations..
Window Installations..
  • Wave Skipper
  • Lunar Perch
  • Acension
  • High Rider
Wall Installation
  • Cocoons

Wave Skippers.. Wood/Steel [2009]

Lunar Perch... Steel/Granite [2007]

Acension... Wood/Steel/Stone [2011]..

High Rider... Wood/Steel [2009]



Artists Statement..
I continue to practice the craft of wood-working and joinery and I am especially drawn to the interaction of wind, water, sunlight and gravity on natural materials. My work is defined by the tension at the point of contact, or "joint" and the act of creating the tension. By joining irregular, organic materials with machine tooled geometric shapes of steel and stone. I create sculpture with actual and implied kinetic relationships among the elements and between sculpture and its environment.

The ways in which disparate materials interact with each other defines my life and my relationship with the world. Oak and granite nesting in congruent harmony. Stainless steel orbs spinning within walnut ellipses, granite shards twisting against armatures of steel - these elements are help together through my commitment to materials, history and craftsmanship

The terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, left me feeling numb and devastated, not only by the magnitude of the loss but also by the thought of our vulnerability. Inspired by these feelings and over the course of a year, I created small, intimate wooden sculptures and then covered [protected] them with a skin of fabric, usually advertising T-shits. After sizing the fabric, I applied a thin film of metal [iron, copper, bronze]. Acids were then applied to this film, causing a chemical reaction that resulted in the color seen in the finished products. This "armoured" cloth not only protected the tiny sculpture but also diffused the actual imagery, giving us only enough information to anticipate the activity that lies underneath. Like a chrysalis, the forms beneath the protective barriers are waiting for the right time to burst forth..

Now some images from the day..

The event began with a rainbow! Not very clear in the image, but if you see closely, you can spot it...

Boyan Marinov and Elena Rakochy..

Carol Hammerman, Terrence Karpowicz and Christine Rojek...

Christine Rojek, Suzanne Cohan-Lange and Carol Hammerman..

Boyan Morinov, Elena Rakochy, Terrence Karpowicz, Ruth Aizuss Migdal, Christine Rojek, Bob Gordon, Carol Hammerman, Jennifer Webster and Suzanne Cohan-Lange..



Terry said...

JoYti you captured perfectly the excitement of the evening! The opening was indeed a celebration from the opening rainbow to the lights going out in the beautiful space that is The Cliff Dwellers! thank you again for your support xoxox

Christine Rojek said...

Thank you so much for coming to Terry K's opening. As always, you're photographs are fantastic and really do justice to the artwork. What a great portfolio of sculpture you're creating!

Jyoti said...

Terry - Your work looks great!!! Thanks for writing here!

Christine - Thank You for your good words and continued support!

Christine Rojek said...

The "missing person" on my left in the group shot is Bob Gordon, architect and instructor at Columbia College Chicago.