Thursday, September 29, 2011

Grand Rapids, Michigan [Steel Water - by Cyril Lixenberg ]

Steel Water
By Cyril Lixenberg
Dedicated 2007.
A gift to the city by the West Michigan Dental Foundation
The sculpture commemorates the role of Grand Rapids as the first city in the world to fluoridate its community water supply.

Steel Water..
Cyril Lixenberg Sculpture, 2007..
On Jan 25, 1945, Grand Rapids was the first community in the world to reduce tooth decay by adding fluoride to it's water supply. This sculpture was commissioned to celebrate and commemorate that historic event.

Before water fluoridation, many people lost all their teeth at an early age. Recruits were often rejected for service to their country in World War-II because of tooth loss due to uncontrolled cavities. Watrer fluoridation was the first step in restoring good oral health for our nation and indeed the world.

Dental decay afflicts nearly all of the world p[opulation, but through water fluoridation cavities was decreased by up to 65%. Grand Rapids pioneering step in advancing public health has spread worldwide, improving health and alleviating needless pain and suffering.

The West Michigan Dental Community..

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Anonymous said...

This is saddening. Not only does Flouride do nothing for the dental health of the world, it is a dangerous chemical waste that is used to poison the people, under false pretenses of health benefits.