Monday, October 17, 2011

LSE: 2011 [Boundless - by Boyan Marinov]

by Boyan Marinov
6’ x 5’ x 5’ / Metal
Location: Burton and Wells [Old Town]
Sponsor: Old Town Merchants and Residents Association
Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit [LSE] 2011..

From the LSE website..
Boyan Marinov, who owns and runs his own custom furniture shop, is new to formal sculpture. This freshman work, “Boundless”, reveals Marinov as an artist to watch as both technically skilled and thematically daring.

The figure in Boyan’s “Boundless” is not constrained by chains, but composed of them. As the sum of his potential shackles, the figure does not stoop or stall but leans forward and advances. Because the iron skin of the sculpture was left untreated and vulnerable to the elements, “Boundless” will rust. In naturally becoming weaker with age, the work is a reminder that the struggle to become boundless is not Sisyphean, but temporal and thus worthwhile...

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AriZona said...

It's unique and the person who's created it has a big heart!!!Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Скулптурата на Боян-това е реалния живот.Стремежа да бъдеш свободен,да скъсаш веригите вътре и вън от себе си -всичко е много точно :материала -верига и усилието в позата на ЧОВЕКА,който иска да е безгранично свободен.Истинско!