Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Willis Tower Temporary Exhibit [Sculptures in Bronze - by Jean Jacques Porret] Part II


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Sculptures in Bronze..
By Jean Jacques Porret
Location: Willis Tower..




Set of Four [Chaperonne, Wisdom, Flamboyante and Geisha]





Set of Three [Burlesque, Renegade and Awakening]






Jean Jacques Porret is the conductor of a ballet in bronze. Like the classical dance technique, Porret's surreal sculptures transcend the mere human form they represent, and instead draw the viewer in with their delicate expressionsim, rhythmic movement, and abstract sensuality.

To categorize Jean-Jacque's work as figural or abstract is moot. Though figurative in practice, the work is never about figure, but the emotion and ideas shared by human race, expressed in fuild curves and precarious balance. Though abstract in nature, the recognizable form and innate human residing within each piece is impossible to ignore. Thus we are given a case-study in restraint, with the artist utilizing the best aspects of each genre without clouding his final result, creating a self-styled harmony Porret symply describes as "rhythm in space".

The ability to do this is any material is impressive, in bronze sublime. Only in using the intense process of the lost-wax technique is Jean-Jacques able to carry out his poetic experiments, the outcome is a testimonial to one of nature's most hard and brittle elements, elevated to flowing, enigmatic forms at the hands of man..

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