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Sculptural Installations & Exhibits: 2011

The Runners..
By Theodoros Papagiannis
Installed: March-April: 2011
Location: O'Hare International Airport
Perhaps the biggest addition to the permanent collection in Chicago's more than 600 plus pieces of Public Art..
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Year 2011: Sculptural Installations and Exhibits..
October, the Chicago Artist Month, is over. There are still two more months for the New Year. However, I still prepared a list of installations in the year 2011, that I was able to see, photograph and document through my blog..
Thanks to everyone who informed me, and invited me, to their installations and exhibits. I endeavor to make a comprehensive list of sculptures in Chicago, and I need all the help, good wishes and information I can get.. So please keep me informed..
Enjoy the recap..

By Yvonne Domenge..
Temporary Exhibit
Location: Millennium Park..
which includes four artwork pieces.. Tree of Life, Coral, Tabachin Ribbon, and Wind Waves..
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Forever Marilyn
by Seward Johnson..
Temporary Exhibit
Location: Pioneer Court..
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Helping Hands, A Memorial to Jane Addams
By Louis Bourgeois
Funded by B.F.Ferguson Monument Fund..
Location: Chicago Women's Park and Gardens, Prairie Avenue..
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Restless Rainbow..
by Pae White
Temporary Exhibit
Location: AIC [Bluhm Family Terrace..]
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Avenue of Sculpture..
By various sculptors of CSI..
Temporary Outdoor Exhibit
Presented by Artropolis, 2011..
Location: Merchandise Mart..
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Go Do Good
By Kay Rosen
Temporary Exhibit
Presented by Loop Alliance..
Location: Loop..
Chicago Loop Alliance, in association with United Way of Metropolitan Chicago..
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Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit
By Various Artists
Temporary Exhibit
Location: Lincoln Park..
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By Jeff Zimmerman
Location: Oak Street Beach
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A Small Sample
by Derick Malkemus
Temporary Exhibit
Presented by Sculptours
Location: Cliff Dwellers..
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A Celebration of Form
By Terrence Karpowicz
Temporary Exhibit
Presented by Sculptours..
Location: Cliff Dwellers..
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Urban Totems
by Eric H. Steele
Temporary Exhibit
Location: Chicago Cultural Center
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By Mike Baur
Temporary Exhibit
Location: Willis Tower
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Sculptures in Bronze
By Jean Jacques Porret
Temporary Exhibit
Location: Willis Tower
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Under the Golden Dome
By various artists [CSI members]
Temporary Exhibit..
Location: Garfield Park Fieldhouse..
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Form in Flora - II
By various artists
Temporary Exhibit
Location: Lincoln Park Conservatory..
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Meridian IX..
by Ed McCullough
Location: Kankakee Community College
Although this is not in Chicago, but I still thought I'll mention it in this list, as few sculptures of the Meridian series can be found in the city..
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The Runners - by Theodoros Papagiannis..
Interconnected - by Yvonne Domenge..
Forever Marilyn - by Seward Johnson..
Helping Hands - by Louis Bourgeois..
Restless Rainbow - by Pae White..
Avenue of Sculpture - by Various Artists [CSI members]..
Go Do Good - by Kay Rosen..
Murals - by Jeff Zimmerman..
A Small Sample - by Derick Malkemus..
A Celebration of Form - by Terrence Karpowicz..
Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit - by Various Artists..
Urban Totems - by Eric H. Steele..
Sculptures - by Mike Baur..
Sculptures in Bronze - by Jean Jacques Porret..
Under the Golden Dome - by Various Artists..
Form in Flora - by Various Artists..
Meridian IX - by Ed McCullough..

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