Monday, June 4, 2012

Swan Family at Prairie Center for Arts

Little did I know that these beautiful swans can be fiercely agressive and  chase away even the ferocious Giant Canada Geese.  And for this the village of Schaumburg started a Village Swan Program.

This Swan Family is at the Prairie Center of Arts..
These are Mute Swans..
Swans are the largest and most beautiful waterfowl. The Mute Swans are charectarized with distinct white plumage and blabk knob abouve the orange bill.

Why does the village have sawns?
The village swan program began in 1994, in an effort to control the increasing Canada Goose Population on the municipal center ground. Swan will not tolerate Canada Geese within their territory and will aggressively chase geese away to ensure a continuous supply of food for their offsprings. Smaller waterfowl like ducks and gulls are not a threat to the swans on the food source, so they peacefully co-exist.
Mute Swans contribute to the ecologically balanced pond, by reducing goose population and by consuming and recycling undesirable plant life. Unlike Canada Geese, Mute Swans spend most of their time in the water, rather than foraging for food in the lawn area.

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