Friday, July 13, 2012

Day Trip to Urbana-Champaign - Part III [Krannert Art Museum: Lorado Taft]

Lorado Taft in Krannert Art Museum's Collection.
The gallery displays works in clay, bronze and plaster, by American sculptor and University of Illinois alumnus Lorado Zadok Taft [1860 - 1936]

The Spirit of Art - by Lorado Taft
1936-37 / Bronze..
The relief shows the personification of the arts as powerful, beautiful female figure enthrowned with an artist's palette in her left hand.

Study for the central group for the Fountain of Creation - by Lorado Taft
The Founatin of Creation was planned as a counterpart to the "Fountain of Time". Although the Fountain of Time was completed, Fountain of Creation was never completed.
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Ideal Head - by Lorado Taft
1910-15 / Plaster tinted gray

Portrait Bust of  Don Carlos Taft [Lorado Taft's father]
 - by Lorado Taft
1893 / reworked 19 36
Plaster tinted yellowish brown.

Portrait bust of Ella Celeste Pomeroy Belden
- by Lorado Taft [1895]

Portrait bust of Israel Zangwell - by Lorado Taft [1898]

Plaque portraying Lincon-Douglas debate - by Lorado Taft
Small study for large bronze relief. to commemorate the Lincoln Douglas debate of Oct. 13, 1858 in Quincy, IL.

Sketch for Soldier Monument , 1925
for Elmwood Park in Omaha, Nebraska.  It was never made, as the committees failed to raise the required funds..

Blind - by Lorado Taft
This is the sculpture that motivated me to take a trip to the Krannert Art Museum..
Excerpt from the Oregon Public Library's website.. click here..
This figural group depicts a group of blind people rendered from a scene from Maeterlinck’s tragic drama, Les Aveugles (The Blind) in which the group is wandering lost through a forest without the ability to see; the group unifies with the hope that the young child (positioned in the center), who is able to see, will lead them to salvation..
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