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New York: Rockefeller Center [Morning, Present, Evening - by Robert Garrison]

Morning, Present, Evening - by Robert Garrison
1932 / Bas-relief, limestone
Three limestone panels. each panel 21-foot loing
Location: Above 1270 Avenue of Americas.

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This was the first artwork commissioned for Rockefeller Center and ultimately set the stage for its renowned Art Deco style. The three limestone panels are allogories of time and evoke radio's vast reach and never-ending transmission - an appropiate theme, since RCA was the first tenant in the building. At that time radio was just a recent development in America, and the Rockefellers recognizing its worldwide importance, wanted to highlight its advent with these three bas-reliefs. Today these panels serve as celebrated Art Deco architectural embellishments.

'Morning' the right/south panel depicts a man on the back of an eagle. 
In ancient Rome, the eagle was the symbol of the rising sun.



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'Present' the center panel is about time and communication. The floating woman is the muse of radio and represents the middle of the day. Pegasus, the winged horse, moves in union with her. The torch she carries is symbolic of knowledge. The lightening bolt symbolizes the power of electricity and the immediate availability of radio communication.



From the website Museum Planet.. click here..
'Evening' the north/left panel portrays the third aspect of time. It conveys the theme that radio is boundless with around-the-clock broadcasting. A female rests on the wings of a heron. The woman's eyes, facing down, are closed as if she is asleep.

1270 Avenue of Americas

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