Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Chicago Sculpture Exhibit 2012 [Here - by Ruth Migdal]

Here - by Ruth Migdal
Location: Lincoln Park West & Dickens
Size: 14' x 5' x 6'5"
Materials: painted Stainless Steel
Temporary Exhibit: 2012
As a part of  11th Annual Chicago Sculpture Exhibit [CSE] 2012
[erstwhile Lakefront Sculpture Exhibit [LSE]]

From the Chicago Sculpture Exhibit brochure..
"Here" is part of Migdal's "Diva" series. The 14-foot tall red lady is about power, strength and exhilirating freedom of women. The "Divas" dance and sign. They are marvelously happy as they take huge bites out of life. They take chances and zoom with energy as they fly with even more life.

Below are some of the Diva series maquette's I had seen at her home-studio,
I visited two years back, in August 2010.
Maquettes for Diva series at Ruth's home-studio.
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