Thursday, September 13, 2012

23rd International Sculpture Conference: Outdoor Sculptures..

CSI has really stepped it up!!!
Chicago seem to be the sculpture capitol of America, and CSI deserves a huge credit!!!  There are 51  outdoor sculptural installations at various locations, Grant Park [along the Lake], Lincoln Park, Diversey Harbor and Belmont Harbor. Great job by the Chief Coordinator Fisher Stolz and everyone involved in putting this massive show together!
See the complete list of  51 outdoor sculptures..

Part I: Grant Park [along the Lakefront] .. click here..
Part II: Lincoln Park .. click here..
Part III: Lincoln Park.. click here..
Part IV: Diversey Harbor & Belmont Harbor.. click here..
Note: Initial plan was to install 54 sculptures.
Now seems that there will be 53 total installations..
Waiting for Marshall Svendsen and Luke Achterberg..

Now I am working on Indoor Installation at Lincoln Park Conservatory..
Curated by Vivian Visser, there are about 30 installed pieces..
Stay tuned..

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