Saturday, September 15, 2012

Form in Flora III 2012: Lincoln Park Conservatory [Sculptures in Orchid House - by Sharon Bladholm]

Pitcher Plants by Sharon Bladholm [at Lincoln Park Conservatory]

Form in Flora III
An exhibition of nature-related sculptures by members of 
Chicago Sculpture International [CSI]
Mid-South Sculpture Alliance, and
The Texas Sculpture Group
Curated by Vivian Visser and Jason Verbeek
Date: September 9  to November 2, 2012
Venue:  Lincoln Park Conservatory
There are about 36 nature-inspired sculptures installed at the Lincoln Park Conservatory.
These can be found Outdoors and Indoors 
[spread over the Palm House,  Show House, Orchid House, and Fern Room]

Pitcher Plants - by Sharon Bladholm

Pitcher Plants - by Sharon Bladholm

Orchid Organ Tree - by Sharon Bladholm

Queen of the Orchid House: Sharon Bladholm!!
Here is Sharon Bladholm having some fun, on the installation day!!!
[Installation of Orchid Organ Tree]

Artist Sharon Bladholm and curator Jason Verbeek
Installation [of Orchid Organ Tree] in progress.

Steven B. Meyer, horticulturalist at Lincoln Park Conservatory.
Another person, I have known for a long time!!! My love for photography leads me to some very creative and interesting perople!!! I found this photo of Steven Meyer  in my blog, from March, 2008.. click here..


Details  [Orchid Organ Tree]..

Details [Orchid Organ Tree]

Details [Pitcher Plants] 

Painting of Pitcher Plants [at Sharon Bladholm Home-Studio]
The above painting is not a part of the show. It just happens that Sharon Bladholm is a good friend.
My earlier post on Sharon Bladholm..
Contemporary Sculptors of Chicago - Sharon Bladholm  click here..

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