Wednesday, September 12, 2012

CPD/CSI 2012: Temporary Exhibit at Diversey Harbor [Confluence - by Boyan Marinov]

Confluence -  by Boyan Marinov
Location: Belmont Harbor

CPD/CSI Outdoor Exhibition
where CDP is Chicago Park District and CSI is Chicago Sculpture International
Temporary Exhibit along the Lakefront
As part of The 23rd International Sculpture Conference [ISC]
to be held in Chicago in October 2012..

Artist Statement..
The earth carries the tree.
The tree carries the leaf.
The leaf falls to the river.
And the current that carries the river
carries you and me.

From the foot of the mountain
to the great mouth of the sea.

- Boyan Marinov
23rd International Sculpture Conference.. click here..
Chicago Sculpture International.. click here

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