Monday, September 24, 2012

EXPO CHGO 2012 [Galerie Lelong]


Untitled # 1242 [Black Snowflake] - by Petah Coyne
Steel, chicken wire, wire, cable, cable net, specially formulated black wax,
cadles, handblown glass bulbs, taxidermy Blue Indian peacock..
Galerie Lelong
at EXPO Chicago, 2012..
Location: Festival Hall at Navy Pier..


Untitled # 1242 [Black Snowflake] - by Petah Coyne
 Another of my favourite at Galerie Lelong was this sculpture by Jaume Plensa
Name ??  - by Jaume Plensa
The above sculpture by Jaume Plensa,
 reminded me of Echo by Jaume Plensa, [image below]
at Madison Square, New York City,
that I saw in summer vacation 2010.
Echo - by Jamue Plensa [Madison Square, NYC]

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