Monday, September 24, 2012

EXPO CHGO 2012 [Douglas Dawson Gallery / Chicago]

Guan Yin [Goddess of Mercy]
China / Ming Dynasty
1368-1644 AD / wood pigment
at Douglas Dawson Galley
EXPO Chicago, 2012..
Location: Festival Hall at Navy Pier..
There is something about the Douglas Dawson Gallery, which is very appealing, their aesthetics, colors, the arts they offer. Somehow I have always found them to be extremely interesting. I have earlier seen at Art Chicago, Merchandise Mart in 2010 [click here] and 2011 [click here..]
Here is link to Douglas dawson Gallery's official website.,. click here..

The Explore Chicago website has this to say.. click here..
Located in Chicago since 1982, Douglas Dawson Gallery is dedicated to ancient and historic non-Western art, particualrly textiles, sculpture, ceramics and furniture from Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

Commemorative Head
Akan culture/ Ghana
18th century / earthenware

Commemorative Head
Akan culture/ Ghana
19th century / earthenware

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