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EXPO CHGO 2012 [In/Situ - Various Artists]


Silent Music - by Jaume Plensa  [click here..]

 In/ Situ - Curated by Michael Ned Holte
Michael Ned Holte is a writer and independent  curator based in Los Angeles. His texts appear in numerous publications. In addition to print and online periodicals, such as Artforum International, East of Borneo, and Pin-Up, Holte has organized numerous exhibitions including Laying Bricks at Wallspace Gallery, New York and Support Group at Thomas Solomon at Cottage Home, Los Angeles, and was on the curatorial team behind the exhibition Present, Future at Artissima 15 in Torino, Italy. He is a member of the art program faculty at the California Institue of the Arts.


Silent Music - by Jaume Plensa
Painted Stainless Steel
149 5/8" x 901/2" x 901/2"
Courtesy of Richard Gray Gallery, Chicago and New York .
For more information/ Images on Silent Music.. click here..

Dirty Bomb - by Inigo Manglano-Ovalle
Fiberglass, epoxy, aluminum, mud
62" x 62" x 128"
Courtesy of artist and Rhonda Hoffman Gallery, Chicago.

La Perla  - by Dzine
Customized 1977 correct Craft Boat
Enamel, fiberglass, steel, mirror, crystals
audio and video
230" x 76" x 82"
Courtesy of the artist and Salon 94, New York.
Overseer / Officer [Tomb series] - by Cody Hudson
Wood, hardware
3 pieces each 36" x 36" x 84-108".
Courtesy of artist and ANDREW RAFACZ Gallery, Chicago.

Theaster Gates
Installation/ performance piece by Theaster Gates
Swimming with Galileo - by Tony Feher
Twisted polypropylene rope
Courtesy of the artist and D'Amelio Gallery, New York and
Anthony Meier Fine Arts, san Francisco.
From the brochure.. [by Michael ned Holte]
The work is one of the largest in EXPO, yet given in its placement overhead, and in its use of humble materials - typical of this artist - the work darinly flirts with the threshold of visibility.

Two part work by Roy McMakin
A Lamp Table and Picture Frame Each with
Thirty Coats of Red Paint that are Not to be in the same room with Each Other
Enamel on maple
201/2 x 15" x 1"..
36" x 26" x 26"
Courtesy of artist and Anthony Meier Fine Arts, San Franciso.

A Round Table with Thirty coats of Blue Paint - by Roy McMakin
Enamel paint on maple
34 3/4" x 36" x 36"
Courtesy of artist and Anthony Meier Fine Arts, San Franciso.

Gradual small fires [and a bowl of resonent milk] - by Steve Roden
Sculpture with sound
Courtesy of artist and CRG Gallery, New York

From the brochure .. [by Michael ned Holte]
Steve Rodin's Gradual small fires [and a bowl of resonent milk] 2012, consists of four modestly scaled Plexi-glass sculpturespositioned at various sites throughout EXPO. Each variation is equipped with a speaker playing a sound work that includes field recording of fire in denmark, and quietly demands concentration. [The title of the work refers to Ed Ruscha's 1964 artist book, Various Small Fires and Milk]
Text Based Work - by  Robery Barry
"Something that is truly momentous but going unnoticed
 or remarked upon and it could change the way we think about everything."   
Chrome vinyl
Courtesy of artist and Yvon Lambert, Paris.
From the brochure.. [by Michael Ned Holte]
It is situated on the windows of Navy Pier coinciding with the view of Lake Michigan., and was realized for this site. Barry has address both the epistemological and phenomenal foundations of visual art experience. fabricated in reflective chrome vinyl, and turned away from the activity of the fair, the phrase affords a literal opportunity for reflection.

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