Monday, September 24, 2012

EXPO CHGO 2012 [Media Check-In]


A shout out for this wonderful young lady - Nicole!!!
She is super effecient!!
I went to the media check-in window and asked if they could  please check my name for the press-pass.. and I said my name. She immediately recognized my name, and came with my press-badge. It does not stop there. She said, "I think you are interested in sculptures and have a sculptures blog".. Then she came up with a brochure, saying it  might interest me. It was  brochure on installations In/Situ.  And it was exactly what I was looking for!!!  Now that is outstanding!!!  She needs to be recognized and appreciated for her super-effeciency!!!
I hope someone from EXPO Chicago, sees this and recognize her for her effeciency!

And below image is my press-pass badge..


Matt Maldre said...

Sweet! That's excellent when there is great customer service.

Jyoti said...

Exactly Matt! I wish people from EXPO knows how good she has been! She deserves some recognition and appreciation.