Saturday, September 22, 2012

The Installation Experiment 2012 [Bed of Junk Mail - by Barbara Hashimoto]

Bed of Junk Mail - by Barbara Hashimoto

As part of exhibition,"The Installation Experiment", 2012
Location: 1826 - 1843 S Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60616.

The marker reads..
"Bed of Junk Mail", is a whimsical , sensual peek into the guilty pleasures of excess. The genesis of this piece came from "Junk Mail Confessions" video-taped convesation with exhibition visitors in Los Angeles, Paris and Chicago, during the five year run of Hashimoto's project, "Junk Mail Experiment".  These soliloquies always begin with a rant against the waste and intrusion of this unsolicited postal menace. , but frequently evolved into revealed private secrets of Fantasy indulgences induced and encouraged by these click advertisments and consumer catalogues. In the first public showing of "Bed of Junk mail",  Hashimoto  has created a fanciful vignette inspired by two seemingly contradictory forces: the innocence of "Little Nemo in Slumberland"s darkly surreal somnolent quest for the Land of Morpheus, and the casual stark reality of Leon Bellocq's "Crib Girls of Stroyville" [early 1900's photographs of private lives of the women of New orleans Red Light District]. This isntallation is crammed into a tiny storefront window space further referencing the Window Brothels of Amsterdam [some of which in recent years have been converted into artists exhibition space] and the comisc strip from the Windsor McCay's Little Nemo.

Barbara Hashimoto on "Bed of Junk Mail"
The Installation Experiment, 2012 ..  click here..

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